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9/28/14 A video has been uploaded from the Perry County Pull Off! 7 Super Stock trucks showed up for a night of fun. However, only 3 trucks came away in one piece! The Live Wire Chevy broke in the modified class with a broken hitch, the Haunted Heartbeat Chevy had an unspecified engine problem, the Raisin-A-Ruckus Dodge had a broken axle among other problems and the Out-Witt-Ed II Chevy exploded a quick change transfer case gear, with more possible damage to the transmission. The engine is thankfully okay! It was also nice to see Dave Howell and his Aggravation Chevy, which made a solid pass! Thanks to the extended Snider Family for bringing us to the pull, and congrats to the Buckeye Bowtie pulling team with Calvin Brown Jr. and Rochelle, for one heck of a first run! Will see many of you at that banquet when the date is announced!




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